About us


From Idea To 'Patented' Reality

The HydraTech brand was born out of necessity, just like all good inventions.
Back when the pandemic first struck I was trapped inside with no weights and no way to get a workout in...

So I started filling buckets and bags with water to get some added resistance.
After getting some really good training sessions in I started to wonder - "Why has no one done this before?"
And that, as they say... is how HydraTech was born!

18 Months Of Testing Later...

While the idea was simple - 'Add water weight to your training.' The process of getting a ready to market product which met our high standards out took much longer than anticipated... But it had to be PERFECT.

Athlete Feedback

At Hydratech we're athletes too, so we wanted to make sure whatever we produced was with the feedback from other athletes, of all different backgrounds and sports. 



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